for every child, safety

BTS supports #ENDviolence.

In November 2017, BTS and Big Hit Music signed an official partnership with Korean Committee for UNICEF, We have tried to advocate and prevent Violence against children and adolescents around the world. Love Myself campaign supports a global project #ENDviolence which is launched by UNICEF in 2013 to create a safe world without violence against children and adolescents. Donations raised by Love Myself campaign are used to support children and adolescents victimized by violence and to urge the community to overhaul the system to prevent violence. During BTS World Tour (Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Hongkong, and Thailand etc.) which has been held since April 2018, BTS has advocated #ENDviolence aligning with national UNICEF committees and country offices.

Children and adolescents exposed to violence

    • Every year, one in two children around the world suffer from violence.

    • More than 300 million children aged 2-4 are physically abused by their carers and parents.

    • About 32% of students aged 11-15 are bullied at school.

    • About 36% of students aged 13-15 have bullied other friends.

    • 120 million female children under 20 have experienced sexual harassment and sexual violence.

The result of violence on the future of children and adolescents

  • Health problems

    12% of children who experienced physical violence were exposed to physical disabilities, 17% to anger disorder, and 21% to alcoholism.

  • Educational problems

    It is estimated that 13% of children who are exposed to all kinds of violence fail to graduate from school.

  • Personality development problem

    Adults who are exposed to violence before the age of 18 experience suicidal impulse 30 times more than otherwise.

What UNICEF does
for #ENDviolence

  • Efficient fundraising and support
  • Plan and share efficient business methods
  • Psychotherapy programs for children and adolescents victimized by violence
  • Reform systems and legislations to protect students from violence
  • Establish a safe social network
  • Support for parents, carers and teachers

#Love Myself Activities

Your valuable support can help children
and adolescents suffering from violence.

UNICEF is working with governments, NGOs, and partner organizations in each country to stop violence against children and adolescents around the world. Please join us for the children and adolescents who are trembling in the agony of fear of violence at this moment. Your warm support and interest will make the safer schools and communities. Your warm interest and support can make a strong fence and a community that can protect children and adolescents.