for every child, mental health

BTS supports #OnMyMind

BTS and Big Hit Music have been supporting the campaign #ENDviolence by initiating the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign, in partnership with the Korean Committee for UNICEF since November 2017, to assist children and adolescents affected by violence.
The #OnMyMind campaign aims not only to prevent various forms of violence against children and adolescents but also to promote the understanding that it is natural for children and adolescents to experience various emotions, and to encourage them to freely talk about their feelings, mental health, and overall well-being.

How serious is
the mental health problem?

    • 1/5 of children frequently experience depression in their daily lives

    • Every 11 minutes, one child takes their own life

    • 75% of adolescents face mental health challenges before reaching the age of 24

    • 1/4 of children worldwide live with parents who suffer from mental health disorders

Things to Consider
for Menth Health

  • Mental health of parents and caregivers

    Children and adolescents can maintain healthy mental conditions in a safe and joyful environment.

  • Mental health of infants and preschool-aged children

    Trauma experienced during infancy and the preschool period can persistently impair mental health, having severe impacts throughout an individual’s lifetime.

  • Mental health in emergency situations

    Experiencing emergencies such as natural disasters, poverty, climate change, and COVID-19 can adversely affect children’s mental health.

What UNICEF Does
Through #OnMyMind

  • Seeks to alter public stigma surrounding mental health and to advocate for the acceptance of all emotions.
  • Supports children and adolescents in learning about mental health at school and ensures access to mental health services in a secure environment.
  • Aids children and adolescents in understanding their own mental health conditions and promotes resilience, beginning with positive parenting at home.

Your support can enable
every child and adolescent
to lead safe and happy lives.

“When it comes to mental health, every country is a developing country.”
- Mental Health Specialist, Shekhar Saxena